Yin yoga – Can you stay even when you want to move

Yin yoga – Can you stay even when you want to move

What is Yin yoga

In Yin Yoga we are holding stretches for long periods of time and other techniques closely related to Yin Yoga has been practised for centuries in China and Taiwan as part of the Daoist Yoga, which is sometimes known as Dao yin. Taoist priests taught this knowledge, along with breathing techniques, to Kung Fu practitioners beginning 2000 years ago. Yin Yoga as we know it today was founded in the 1970s by martial arts expert and Taoist yoga teacher Paulie Zink. Yin style yoga has become popular due in large part to the widespread teaching activities of Yin Yoga teachers and developers Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Bernie Clark.

You can read more about Yin yoga here which briefly explains this yoga style.


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Why I practice Yin yoga

When we practice Yin yoga and we stay in the long held poses, we often experience discomfort in our bodies or minds. Our initial reaction might be to get out of the pose, to move in the pose or to allow our thoughts to wonder to take us away from where we are now.

From a very young age I have been someone who worried and was anxious. My mother likes to joke that I had a worried look on my face the moment I was born. I have tried so many things to ease my worries and anxieties over the years and for me Yin yoga has had a profound effect. It’s a meditative practice that calms the mind.


One of the main lessons for me as I practice Yin yoga is to stay when I want to move. So many times in life in the past and present I find myself in situations where I want to be somewhere else, I want to escape the moment. But it is not always possible to run away or change where we are in any given moment. Yin yoga for me in my own practice and what I try to teach my students is that yin yoga then becomes the process of finding comfort within our discomfort.

Can we find comfort within our bodies and our mind, no matter how they are? Can we ease ourselves through the difficult moments which are inevitable in our lives?



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    • Charlotte gliese
    • 28th October 2016
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    ❤️So wise. Good luck.

      • Jaqueline Ligaard
      • 28th October 2016
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      Tak Charlotte:)

  1. […] “Do the best you can until you know better, then when you can you do better”  Maya Angelou said. Why is it so hard to maintain the discipline needed to live authentically. For me being authentic, is among other things, to have my own daily yin yoga practice. By that I don’t just mean one or two convenient poses that I feel like that particular day. No I mean a real serious practice, where I am dedicating myself and my body to feel the best that it can. Feeling the best, does not mean it always feels good in the process. Pema Chödrön says we are not very good at staying with what is uncomfortable emotions or physical sensations in our body. We want to escape. We escape our thoughts by distracting ourselves with facebook, instagram, netflix, music whatever. Part of what yin yoga teaches us, is staying when we want to leave. See more in this blogpost I have written here. […]

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