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A very brief introduction to the type of Yin Yoga I teach:
Yin yoga asia style

Yin Yoga asia style which I teach is inspired by Taoism and the age old traditions of the balance of yin and yang deeply rooted in Traditional Chinese medicine.In this form of yoga we do not just collapse and relaxe in the poses with lots of support of props. We need to engage with yang (muscular strength) in our body to activate and engage with Yin. So there is an element of yang in this form of yin.

The focus

We focus on the three Yin principles Grounding, Holding and relaxation. Grounding without blocking or collapsing our ligaments to keep chi flowing freely. Focusing on our breathing in every pose to help us to hold and relaxing with as little muscular engagement as possible.

This practice is a powerful way of activating and opening the blockages of chi in our bodies and to create the balance of yin and yang needed in a healthy body and mind. It is a very meditative practice where we hold the poses for 3-7 minutes sometimes 10 minutes and poses are seated or lying down.

Corporate Yin Yoga

With the easy 4 point check: can-I-do-yin-yoga list (can you: sit, lay, close your eyes and breathe), this form of Yoga is for everybody. There is no pressure to perform or be able to stand on your head.

Every Monday morning the team at Boligcious start their work week with 45 min Yin yoga. The benefits of Yin yoga in the workplace are: increased efficiency, less stress, fewer sick days because it boosts the immune system, reduced risk of work related injuries from prolonged sitting or working at computers, better concentration and happier employees among many other benefits.

I offer yin yoga to corporates and can tailor a solution that works for you and your company.

Get in touch and find out how you might benefit from Corporate Yin Yoga.