The Ultimate Guide To Get Better Fast When You Are Sick

The Ultimate Guide To Get Better Fast When You Are Sick

After spending all of last week taking care of Isabel who had a bad cold with stuffy nose and coughing, I ended up in bed myself yesterday, with a headache, sore throat and just feeling crabby . So here is my quick top 10 guide to a quick recovery:

  1. Most important thing first Gilmore girls non stop on Netflix
  2. Homebaked waffles.
  3. Lots of coffee, tea and warm water
  4. A warm bath
  5. Regular cuddles and fun stories and a little dance from the kids
  6. Reading a great book – I finished reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert – really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.
  7. Eat chocolate because it is always a good idea to eat chocolate when you are unwell and also when you are perfectly fine
  8. Make a list of things you want to do this Summer…I will share mine in a later blogpost
  9. Lovely hearty chicken, potatoes, veggie and gravy for dinner – eaten in bed
  10. Relax and nap

So after doing all of the above yesterday, I am already feeling better today. I am still taking it easy at home today with a bit more Gilmore Girls (always always a good idea), a little laundry and then I will get ready to pick up the kids this afternoon from kindergarden and school. The walk and fresh air will do me some good.

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  1. God bedring kære J. Jeg må bestille den bog der, knus C

  2. men åh vilket underbart inlägg! och läsa en bra bok är alltid en bra idé! Kram

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