Sundays – What I know for sure

Sundays – What I know for sure

Today was Sunday and what a welcome day it was. What do I know for sure? I know for sure, that if I don’t take time out, to recharge myself, I cannot be anything for anyone else. I need to press pause sometimes and I did that for myself today. What better day to press pause, then on a Sunday.

This past week, has offered it’s share of challenges and difficult moments, that have caused me worry. There has been very little time to do things for me and my yin yoga practice has been neglected and only kept at a minimum every morning, not enough in times when life is difficult and it quickly affects me negatively.

I know this to be true and still it is hard for me to have the discipline, when life throws it’s punches, to focus on myself and my wellbeing.

So today I pressed pause for myself and read for hours. The book I was reading, was Oprah Winfrey’s ”What I know for sure” and it’s a wonderful little book, with many wise observations about life and spirituality.

I really enjoyed it and it’s the kind of book, that can be reread and savoured, whenever a small moment of alone time invites itself into everyday life. It’s a miracle in itself, when you give yourself time to enjoy a good book.

Below is my favorite part of the book. It is, as if it was written specifically for me ,at this time in my life. Have you ever felt that way while reading a book? Like it was written just for you or like it could have been your own words?


Oprah – What I know for sure 

I´m often confronted by things about which I have no certainty at all. But I for sure believe in miracles. For me, a miracle is seeing the world with light in your eyes. It’s knowing there’s always hope and possibility where none seem to exist. Many people are so closed to miracles that even when one is boldly staring them in the face, they label it coincidence. I call it like I see it. To me,, miracles are confirmation that something larger than us is at work. I believe they happen not just sometimes but every single day, if we are open to seeing them.


In my own life, miracles often involve the simplest things, like being able to run five miles in less then fifty minutes. Or being exhausted after a long run and craving a bowl of red pepper and tomato soup – then walking into the kitchen to find that my godmother, Mrs E, left some on the stove for me.

A miracle is watching a sunset the color of strained peaches and seeing it turn to raspberries by the end of my evening walk. It’s having pomegranate, kiwi and mango on a pretty tray for breakfast.

It’s admiring the pink peaonies I cut from my own garden and placed them in my bedroom. It’s when a green minivan pauses on the road and a young woman leans out the window to yell, ” You’re the best teacher on TV!” – and she herself is a kindergarden teacher.

It’s the sound of the birds and their individual songs and the moment when I wonder, Are they singing to each other, to themselves, or just to be heard?

A miracle is a chance to roll in the grass with all of my dogs – and enjoy a full Sunday stretched before me with no obligations, no plans and no place to be. It’s the chance to come back to myself after a week of going, going, going and have time to finally just be alone. To meditate on a log cabin porch, leaves rustling like water, newborn geese in the pond with their mother teaching them to swim.

To feel the joy of this glorious life – and have the chance to live it as a free woman. If I know nothing else for sure, I know that the big miracles we’re waiting on are happening right in front of us, at every moment, with every breath. Open your eyes and heart and you’ll begin to see them.

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  1. Aah, kære J lyder som vi hver i sær været lit udfordrede den seneste tid..:-) Selv når vi ikke når at snakke sammen så er jeg her. Kæmpe knus C

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