Sometimes life happens

Sometimes life happens

…Sometimes life happens, so it has been quiet on the blog lately. I have been busy living life in real time and have not really found the time, nor the inspiration to write on the blog. Life has been throwing some curveballs and I have been using the best of my skills both as a yoga teacher, as a mother, as a wife and just as a human on this planet, to deal with what is coming, in the best way I know. Some days I have handled things well, other days not so well. But I think that is all part of this human experience, to be honest. I am getting better and better at not judging but more observing the different ways I tackle things.

New job

I started a new job besides teaching yin, so now I am working with PLTY Playtype as their international sales manager and am really happy about this exciting new opportunity. I love the brand and I can work from home and have a great balance between work, teaching Yin and of course my number one job as a mom.

Time to do the things that make you happy

I have also been reading a lot more than usual and will share some book recommendations on the blog soon. I have also become totally hooked on coloring in adult coloring books and for mothers day, I got a beautiful set of Faber Castell Albrect Dürer watercolor pencils that is such a fun tool to use and express myself creatively.

adult coloring

Yin Immersion

This week I am participating and also have the honor of assisting my Yin yoga teacher Victor Chng along with my teacher and dear friend Kristine in a 7 day immersion.

It’s day 3 and it has been intense as expected. I am tired to my core today. Sometimes I wish I had chosen the type of yin yoga that most people practice, which is pretty much a restorative relaxing form of yoga. That is certainly not the case with my yin yoga asia style, that I have chosen as my path.

We work with the meridians and the chi in a very engaging and active way. Quite a lot of yang in our yin. I love it and could never teach or practice any other form of yoga, because for me this is transformative in a way nothing else is. But it also has it’s consequences. Transformation means working through emotions, trauma and any god damn issues that have ever occurred in your life:-)

Nothing can stay hidden and it hurts like hell. Sometimes it is a physical pain in a pose, sometimes afterwards an emotion so intense and painful will wash over you that breathing can seem hard. But what we practice in yin is staying with whatever arises.

Reaching out – Friendship

Sometimes the intensity of the practice can overwhelm me but where I used to keep these thoughts and emotions inside, I am getting better at sharing them especially with my teacher and friend Kristine. She is amazing at helping to guide me back to myself. It takes someone special and very close to you to know when to tell you to stop the drama and shut up and when to comfort and support whatever is happening at that time. Kristine has that ability with me and what I also love very much about her is that sometimes her best advice is to pour myself a glass of wine or two depending on the severity of the issue at hand. Pretty damn awesome advice if you ask me:)

Now it is time for bed, so I am ready to start day 4 of my immersion tomorrow. I leave you with this quote from Buddha – because hey – Buddha is always a good idea, right!?


Morning routine



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