Morning routine

Morning routine

I think routines are important. Well they are for me and my life at least. Not just for my family and kids but also for myself. Since completing my Yin yoga teacher training in September my mornings go like this…

I wake up 5.30 and the first thing I do, is make myself a large glass of warm water with lemon and a pinch pink himalayan salt. I sip the water slowly –it takes about 10 min. Then I spend about 5 minutes oil pulling with coconut oil. There are a lot of health benefits to oil pulling among them are listed below:

• Removes toxins
• Improves oral health
• Boosts immune system
• Reduces inflammation
• Prevents heart disease
• Increases energy

Yin yoga – part of the morning routine

Then I always find time to do 20 min yin yoga and then comes my favorit part. I make a cup of coffee, light a candle on my kitchen table and sit for 10 min enjoying that first cup of my favorit brew. If the weather is nice I sit on my balcony and watch the sun come up and otherwise I enjoy sitting in my small cozy kitchen snuggled up in a corner.

Now it is time to wake up my husband and the kids. Make breakfast and the packed lunches, get dressed etc etc and out the door all of us go by 8am.

What is your morning routine for yourself? I would love to hear how you start your day in the comments below.


Morning routine

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