Lisa Nichols – Finding success in serving others

Lisa Nichols – Finding success in serving others

This weeks inspiration to me is this podcast from Tom Bilyeu’s Inside Quest with Lisa Nichols titled ”Rescuing yourself, overcome fear and finding success in serving others.”

A friend of mine sent me this podcast a while back and said ”just listen to this you will love it as much as I do…” and boy was she right. In the first week I must have listened to it at least 10 times. I kept coming back to it. There are so many valuable points that Lisa make in this interview that I don’t really know where to start.

Hurt people hurt

How about ”hurt people hurt, sad people make other people sad” because as Lisa says people want company…this is such an important point. People are energy so are you surrounding yourself with people who are draining your energy or filling you up? It can be a painful exercise I find to question the people we have in life but it is crucial if you want to grow and be happy that we are conscious of how we spend our energy.

Another AHA moment from Lisa – ” You want to make me extraordinary because it let’s you of the hook” WOW!!! The point she makes is that what if there is no partial? What if we are all given the same opportunities and that all things are available to all of us? Are you willing to go after it?

I cannot recommend this podcast enough. Sit yourself down with a cup of coffee and give yourself an hour where you let yourself be inspired to think differently and make changes in your life. I know I was inspired to make changes in my life after hearing this. More on those decision in a later post.

I would love to hear your thoughts after listening to this. What is your takeaway from what Lisa is sharing with us? Please share in the comments below

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