Jay Shettty – Changing the world starts with you

Jay Shettty – Changing the world starts with you

This weeks Wednesday inspiration comes from a short clip, a friend had shared on facebook and I was mesmerized. I had to watch 5 times in a row. He made so many points where I said Yes! out loud in front of my macbook and lucky for me I was sitting at home and not in some coffee shop while speaking to my computer. Jay Shetty is a motivational philosopher and he blew me away with his thoughts on the state of the world we live in.

Some take aways from his talk include.

”The Dalai Lama said that we have wider freeways but narrower viewpoints . Taller buildings but shorter tempers”

30 billion whatsapp messages are sent pr day but at the same time 48% of people say they feel more lonely in general.

We are aiming for higher income but have lower morals.

How then do we bring a change and changing the world?

According to Jay Shetty by pressing pause, pressing reset and then pressing play again. By taking a moment to become more aware more conscious. By leading a life of contemplation and connecting on a different level – to ourselves and others.

This point spoke so loudly to my heart, because this is exactly, what I feel my practice and teachings on yin yoga do. Simply by doing yin yoga we pause, we contemplate and we see the world differently. Everything in our lives is so fast and efficient. Simply being and breathing and contemplating is not a part of our world anymore. I want to be more aware, feel more alive and be present in my life and world and it is important for me to also teach my children this.

Jay made another point which my yin yoga master Victor Chng also makes over and over again which is that we need to research and study then ancient books of wisdom to understand the pages of time to see if they can reveal more knowledge and wisdom on how we can transform our world.

What are your thoughts on what Jay Shetty is saying? Would love to hear your comments on how you think we can change the world for the better


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