Inspiration Wednesday – How to make stress your friend

Inspiration Wednesday – How to make stress your friend

So stress isn’t all bad after all…

This is such an interesting view on a much discussed topic of stress. In this Ted Talk ,Kelly McGonigal talks about a study from Harvard, where research surprisingly shows that stress is only bad for you, if you believe stress is bad for you.

When you change your mind about the belief that stress is bad for you, you also change your body’s response to stress. So by conditioning your mind to believe, that the body’s stress response of a pounding heart and rapid breathing, is bad for you to instead believing, that it is something that is a positive response, that helps you handle a stressful situation the best way.

So next time you feel stressed  – can you make friends with your stress?…

The next time you feel your heart pounding in a stressful situation instead of getting anxious and tighten instead think to yourself; This is my body getting ready to rise to the occasion. Instead of panic try to feel warmth and a feeling of friendship with your stress.


The cuddle hormone

She also talks about how oxytocin also known as the cuddle hormone (how cute is that!)  it enhances your empathy and makes you crave physical contact, (therefor the cuddle hormone name). Oxytocin is also part of the body’s stress response, just like adrenalin is. It’s your body’s way of nudging you to tell someone how you feel instead of keeping it all bottled up inside, which is bad for you. This hormone makes you reach out and seek help.

Take away from this Ted Talk:

  • When you choose to view your stress response as helpful,  you create the biology of courage”

  • when you choose to connect to others when you are under stress you can create resilience.

  • chasing meaning is better for you in life then trying to avoid discomfort – so make sure that what causes you some stress in life at least when it comes to your work try to make sure it is something that matters to you.


Here is the talk if you are interested in hearing it all.

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