I breathe deeply

I breathe deeply


Is today, a day that will be marked in history in years to come?

In 1949 Faulkner said in his Nobel speech ” I decline to accept the end of man…”

Will today be remembered in history, probably yes. It’s a day where I woke up, expecting a different result to the election in America. Many of us did not get the President elect we had hoped for. Many did. I really don’t know what to say to that.

Today I haven’t watched any news. I read a little online but it made me anxious and filled with despair.  I decided to live instead. I went for a wonderful breakfast, in a little coffee shop, in my neighborhood. I savoured my coffee and breathed deeply.I smiled at everyone I made eye contact with all day. I breathed deeply. I had a wonderful meeting, I will share more about later. I spoke on the phone with both my mom and my dad. I guess we never get too old to be comforted by our parents, right?




I kissed my children a bit more than usual (which is a lot to begin with so at the end of the day ,I think they were like “OK enough already mom).

Just breathe

I sit here now in my livingroom. Both children sleeping in their beds. My husband is out tonight. I still feel anxious but less so than this morning, when the news of Trump as president hit me. The outcome of this election is out of my control. What happens with the world now that he is president, is out of my control.

What is in my control, is how i choose to react. I will not let hate, fear, anger and a them against us attitude fill my life, my thoughts, my home.

I will breathe deeply. I will pray that everything will eventually be okay. That the world my children grow up in, is not more dangerous today, then it was yesterday. Good will prevail over evil. I have to believe that to live.

I breathe deeply….

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