Hello Monday We Meet Again….

Hello Monday We Meet Again….

Winter holiday

The past week the kids have been home from school and kindergarden for a winter vacation and we have struck the perfect balance between lots of fun activities like celebrating Isabels 6th birthday, Lego World, Disney On Ice, Seeing the new Lego Batman movie and Vaiana, playdates for the kids, friends for dinner and also having plenty of time to hang out at home in our pj’s all day building lego’s, watching movies and reading books.


Monday morning

This morning after dropping off the kids I went to my favorite coffee shop and bought myself a Latte and croissant to go and walked in the lightly drizzly rain and listened to Pema Chödrön. When it’s a grey and dreary Monday I think, it is extra important to do nice things thorughout the day to make yourself feel better. Like a nice coffee to go, listening to good music, wearing comfortable yoga clothes all day (maybe even getting around to doing a little yoga now that you are wearing the clothes anyway;). When I got home I lit some candles, made a cup of tea, turned on some music and now I sit here after having replied to some emails.

Longing for spring

I try to embrace the days no matter what the weather is like and to enjoy all seasons but I must confess, I am longing for mornings on my balcony, coffee in hand, listening to the birds chirp while I watch everyone rush to and from the doings down the street. Soon very soon it will be spring and the long winter will be behind us.


spring onedaysunday balcony

The picture is taken on my balcony last year the 15h of March..would you look at the colour of the sky!

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