Do more of what makes you happy

Do more of what makes you happy

Life has had it’s ups and downs lately and I am struggling a little to stay positive and take care of myself. I have a history of being hard on myself, when I feel down. Since I completed my yin yoga teacher training back in September, I have found, that I struggle with the idea that I should somehow now be fixed and from now on, always handle what life throws at me in a yogic way – whatever that means?!

But something has shifted in me. I am getting a little better at doing more of what makes me happy. Self love and to take care of myself is key when life throws it’s punches.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. Self love is there in the smallest choices. The insignificant, but life-changing choice to show up for ourselves—even for one second—on those hard days and hold gentle space while we cry.

It’s being gentle with ourselves in those moments, instead of giving in to self-loathing. Not judging ourselves but instead leaning into it and making space for whatever comes in that moment. It’s a decision we can make a any moment. I think that is part of what it means to be a yogi. Not that life will not be hard sometimes but in that we choose to show up for whatever comes.


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What makes you happy?

Sometimes when we are sad or anxious or life simply gets to busy, we can almost forget what makes us happy. But doing more of what makes us happy, means we fill ourselves up, so we can be there for others.

I can sometimes get so caught up in taking care of everything around the house, being there for the kids, with all their needs and my own idea of what a good mother should be and do. I forget myself in that equation – this happens often – I suddenly don’t have anything to give anyone else because I am empty and drained.

I don’t need days at the spa or shopping sprees or fancy lunches even though, of course that can be lovely too sometimes. What makes me the most happy is having time alone.

Time to loose myself in a book, to practice my Yin yoga,  to meditate, to go for a walk in nature with a cup of coffee to go.  To write my journal, To sit in silence in the window sill of my living room while I watch the world go. For me happiness is found in the smallest of moments alone where I can breathe deeply and remember myself. I touch my hand on my heart and sigh..ahh there I am. I am enough. Eveything will be okay.

So this week are you with me on this….? What makes you happy? How do you practice self love?


Do more than just exist this week.

Do more than just get by.

Follow your heart a little more.

Evoke a genuine smile from your soul.

Take care of you.

Make youself happier.

Be good to your precious life.

Bless your dreams.

– S.C. Lourie





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