Blue Monday

Blue Monday

A gloomy day…?

Today is the gloomiest day of the year...Blue Monday ….It made me think well if we can get the gloomiest day of the year over and done with by January 16th that surely is a good thing. Then we can look ahead to brighter happier more carefree days?!…

From where I am sitting my day is actually quite lovely. I started my day teaching Yin yoga and then I went home and enjoyed a cup of coffee while reading some emails. Now I have had a lovely salad for lunch and when I look out my windows while I type this the sun is shinning from a clear beautiful blue sky. It’s freezing cold but who cares about that when we can bundle up warm and get rosy red cheeks from taking a walk.

“The weather is a friend if you make it one. I look forward to the grey, quiet time for solitude, contemplation, leading long conversations with friends. Colours are softer, sounds have more depth, the pace is gentler. Instead of resentment at the lack of sun, snuggle into the gray velvet quilt and make yourself a cup of tea.”Quote by Jennifer Jones

Yves Klein said of the colour blue ” Blue has no dimensions; it is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colours are not….all colours arouse specific associative ideas …while blue suggests at most the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract”

I hope this blue monday is not just blue but many colours and that you may embrace every moment like you invited it yourself to happen.



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  1. Waring words on a cold January morning. <3

      • Jaqueline Ligaard
      • 16th January 2017
      • Reply

      Hope the rest of your monday is nice dear Bianca

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