5 things I want to remind myself of this holiday season

5 things I want to remind myself of this holiday season

It is almost December

In a short while it will be December and all the wonderful things we associate with the Christmas holiday season will be upon us. I always have so many things I look forward to this month. Things I want to do, people I want to see, Cookies I want to bake, Cards I want to write – I sat down today and wrote a lists of 5 things, I want to try to be mindful of.

I think it is easy to become overwhelmed or loose ourselves and suddenly Christmas is over before we even really remember to enjoy it

I’m not sure how many of you feel the same way I do…but Christmas seems like too much wrapping paper and not enough of the important things that really matter if we aren’t careful to remember what this season is really all about.


So I want to remind myself of the following 5 things in the month ahead:

  1. Make lists and wonderful plans of things to do but be aware that if they start to feel like chores or I feel overwhelmed STOP, breathe and ask myself- do I really need to do this.
  2. When I spend time with family and friends. I want to be fully present and send out positive energy of calm and happiness.
  3. I will be aware of the things I tell myself and others. By this I mean not to get caught up in the stress and complaints that so many people, including myself, sometimes fall into. “So good to see you, but ohh everything is so busy and hectic, so many presents to buy, christmas shows at the kids school, ohh it’s all too much etc etc – can you hear it? Does it sound familiar ?…”…Instead I want to be grateful to have many wonderful people in my life and the opportunity to participate in these gatherings, where people have made an effort to invite and make it a nice event.
  4. Talk to my kids about the importance of Christmas and of giving to others. Not expensive presents but presents from the heart that are thoughtful and also remind them about how fortunate they are to have everything they do. It is not the presents that are important at Christmas, it is being with the people we love.
  5. Listen to Christmas music every day because it makes me happy


Make it a December to remember….





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